This blog is the result of a question: wouldn’t it be cool if other people could get in on the nerdy chats that Peter and Shana have about swing music?

Shana Worel

Shana WorelShana’s passion for music predated her love of swing dance. Growing up, classical piano, marching band and jazz band occupied her time, giving her a musician’s perspective on creating and interpreting music. This directly affects the music that she plays as a DJ and the way that it influences her dancing.

She is a sought-after DJ, and has been featured at All Balboa Weekend, Lindy Focus, California Balboa Classic, Lindy on the Rocks, The Balboa Experiment, Rocky Mountain Balboa Blowout and many other events. She loves talking about music and helping new DJs learn, so ask her a question. Or ten. Or fifteen if they’re about Lionel Hampton.

She’s also a rocket scientist by day. But she’d rather talk about Lionel Hampton.

Peter Flahiff

peter-headshotPeter Flahiff is a swing and tap dancer. He performs, instructs, DJs and speaks as a jazz music and dance historian. Peter began swing dancing in 1993 and teaching just one year later. He’s taught from Los Angeles and Seattle to London, Helsinki and Munich — including Camp Hollywood in California and the amazing Herrang Dance Camp in Sweden. He’s studied with many of the past masters of these dances. Today, Peter counts some of the world’s top dancers and instructors as his own former students. Not a competitor himself, Peter’s worldwide reputation is as a highly sought-after social dancer and instructor. He helped create several thriving venues over the years (Rusty’s Rhythm Club in LA, ATOMIC Ballroom in Orange County, and Eastside Stomp in Seattle.) Peter’s classes are legendary for their clarity, humor and high spirits. He always continues to further his own education, taking instruction from some of the greatest dancers in the world. Yes, he’s pretty much always in a suit.