Benny Goodman: “Down South Camp Meeting”, from the album “On The Air 1937-38”, Columbia Records The Goodman organization in the late 1930s was an absolute force to be reckoned with. They had weathered a nearly disastrous cross-country tour, only to find unparalleled success on the west coast, most famously at the Palomar Ballroom in Los […]

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People kept shouting for Hamp’s “Flying Home” and finally he did it. I had never seen such fever heated dancing. —Malcolm X in his autobiography The definitive version of “Flying Home,” recorded by Lionel Hampton, will be familiar to swing dancers, especially as the song that summons them to the floor for the Big Apple. […]

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In this series, we’ll be asking a challenging question to a variety of DJs to address a common situation for those just starting out. Say you want to start DJing, but you have no swing music in your library. You have $20 to buy 20 songs online, and you want to have enough variety to […]

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